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Dhemax is a consulting and technological development company: we develop systems in which the Machine to Machine (M2M) messaging has become the main component, allowing the embedded systems to provide solutions of a higher complexity. Through multiple projects, our company focuses on generating and integrating solutions regarding communications between the embedded systems and electronic design.


Deliver innovation in the development, integration and management of the “Machine to Machine” System (M2M), with added value, that generates satisfactory solutions to the needs of our clients.


Be amongst the leaders in solutions in M2M systems, amongst other activities, projects and services.


This Company was founded in the year 2005, in Viña del Mar, Chile; by a group of young engineers that were motivated by the need to innovate, investigate and develop. They decided to start a company that explored beyond the simple import and integration in this market, becoming a business that generates solutions and adds value through engineering.



Refreshing ideas that generate new visions and applications to technology.

Effective development

Maximize learning and working with attractive leading technology products, in the existing market.


Give the best use to the internal resources to work according to the agreed timeline.


New knowledge and applications to “M2M” systems in different industries.


We have a well trained team of responsible professionals to solve our clients’ needs.

Environmental Sustainability

Comply and communicate good environmental practices, minimizing the impact that the activities might have.


Smartmetering System and Energy Managment
Internet of Things (IoT)
Monitoring and tracking of fleet vehicules
Customized services and development designs

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